administrative reform

1. Mapping Romania - draft notes for an unfinished journey

2. Introducing the Bulgarian Realists; I've become a passionate collector of Bulgarian paintings in the last couple of years - mainly those working in the early/mid 20th century. There is no book available in French, German or English on this period. So I have published this small booklet on the subject for the visitor which introduces 150 painters and contains a CD with some 900 paintings  - and updated it here

3. Just Words? a glossary and bibliography for the fight against the pretensions and perversities of power 

4. The Longgame - not the logframe - why the EC's Backbone strategy for TA doesn't measure up; in which I critique the ongoing EC attempt to improve its Technical Cooperation work - at least in the area of administrative reform in non-accession countries - and suggest that we don't (any of us) have much of a clue about how to make government work for people in most ex-communist countries

6. Learning from Experience I learn a lot during my projects and have this urge to share with others. This is a 100 page booklet which shares some of the lessons frrom a recent project in which training was supposed to help build adminsitrative capacity

8. Building Municipal Capacity; an interesting account of an intellectual journey

9. Chinese administrative Reform in perspective; a revisionist assessment and 2011 briefing; one of my provocations - written for anyone involved in discussions about Chinese PAR; giving 12 ways their system impacted on me; challenging the way we normally portray Western systems; and giving a lot of reading recommendations - all based on my brief involvement as Team Leader for a major project of EC Technical Assistance.

10. In Transit - Part One The first section of the book I wrote a decade ago for young Central European reformers. I find it stands up pretty well to the test of time (I've updated the chapter on admin reform - see paper on Chinese Admin Reform. Papers 8 and 50 are based on later chapters of the book 

11. Training that works!! This paper extracts some lessons from the work I have done in the last decade - particularly in Kyrgyzstan and Bulgaria. Even altho I say it myself - it is one of best papers on the subject. 

12. What policy-makers need to know about what makes us tick; this is an extract from my Learning from Experience paper - containing the latest version of my table on motivation and policy tools

13. Lost in Beijing  In the spirit of transparency, I include this piece which I wrote to try to understand (let alone convey to others) why I walked away from a 4 year project in Beijing

15. Democracy, Bernard, it must be stopped! Not one of my papers but some "tongue in cheek" advice from the retiring Sir Humphrey (of "Yes Minister") to the young colleague who inherits his position. Quite brilliant!  By Anthony Jay

17. Overview of PAR in transition countries This is the paper I drafted for the European Agency for Reconstruction after the staff retreat the EAR Director invited me to speak at in June 2006 in Skopje, Macedonia. The best papers are always written after the event!

21. Annotated Bibliography for change agents For quite a few years I had the habit of keeping notes on the books I was reading. Perhaps they will be useful to others?

25. Missionaries, Mercenaries or witch doctors? Some critical thoughts about "developing administrative capacity" from inside the machinery of technical assistance This was the stage my critique had developed by 2007.  

34. Lost in the logframe; a powerful critique by Lucy Earle of the project management system which governs all technical assistance project these days and which kills creativity and joy.

37. Building Local Government in a hostile climate; an example of the sort of policy paper I enjoy preparing which tries to fund a suitable approach for a specific context

40. Towards Public Administration as a humanistic discipline - a humanistic manifesto by Eugenie Sabier; a marvellous overview of the discpline with a strong plea for the sort of change I've been calling for on my blog at nomadron

42.Roadmap for Local Government in Kyrgyzstan; this is a long doc (117 pages) will take some time to download. I enjoyed pulling out this metaphor - and developing and using (in workshops) the diagram at pages 76-77

43. Transfer of Functions - European experiences 1970-2000 I learned a lot as I drafted this paper for my Uzbek colleagues. I haven't seen this sort of typology before..

50. Lessons from Strathclyde Region's experience of social inclusion strategy I was part of Europe's first attempt, 30 years ago, at developing a strategy to deal with an issue which is now worrying most governments. From 1980-1990 I was responsible for the strategy. These are the lessons I drew in 1999 from the experience

55. The role of civil society in the transition A short discussion paper I prepared for two friends who worked for the (then) new NGO unit in the Romanian Office of Government

Accountability mechanisms in Britain in 2000 This is a very short and simple paperI prepared for beneficiaries in Uzbekistan which reflects the naivety I had in those days.


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